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Coffee Collaborative Amalgamate Blend

Fuelling creativity
through collaboration

The Coffee Collaborative is a '4th wave' coffee brand. Sourcing, roasting, blending and supplying artisan quality beans at price points that are accessible to larger operating hospitality groups, as well as smaller independent resellers.

The brand itself is a collaboration of experts, but also a celebration of the 'creative energy' that great coffee generates. We aim to collaborate with artists, musicians, writers and chefs to highlight that belief, whilst differentiating The Coffee Collaborative and giving our clients a credible brand that their customers can engage with.

We have an exquisite and delectable choice of blends:

Imagination - This clever combination of balanced, gingerbread flavours from Colombian beans blended with the clean spiciness of the Indian Robusta delivers a truly delicious cup of creativity

Inspiration - Marries the delicate spice of the Indian Parchment, the peach flower and chocolate notes of the Central Americans with the Cuban baritone to create a wonderful masterpiece!

Genius - A Citrus acidity and fruity sweetness, with subtle hints of cedar wood and summer floral highs…balanced beautifully with chocolate box deliciousness – Sheer decadence!