The coffee collaborative IS A ‘4TH WAVE’ COFFEE BRAND

Sourcing, roasting, blending and supplying artisan quality beans at price points that are accessible to multi-site operating hospitality groups, as well as independent resellers looking to increase sales and elevate their coffee experience.

Great coffee is the essential source of creativity

The brand itself is a collaboration of experts, but also a celebration of the 'creative energy' that great coffee generates. We collaborate with artists, musicians, writers and chefs to highlight that belief, whilst differentiating The Coffee Collaborative and giving our clients a credible brand that their customers can engage with.

Ultimately our aim is to make the world of artisan coffee an inclusive one. Bringing our knowledge and passion to a wider market, who are becoming bored with the faceless high street behemoths and crave a premium coffee experience that is honest and real.

Our blends are packed with energy and flavour

IMAGINATION - Soft & Smooth

Colombian Excelso Huila & Washed Indian Parchment.

A clever combination of balanced gingerbread flavours from the Colombian, blended with the clean spiciness of the Indian Parchment - Delivering a truly delicious and beautifully simple cup of creativity!

INSPIRATION - Citrus & Cedar

Honduras SHG San Marcos, Nicaraguan San Juan Del Rio Coco, Cuban Serrano & Indian Parchment Sethuraman Estate.

Marries the delicate spice of the Indian Parchment, the peach flower and chocolate notes of the Central Americans with the Cuban baritone to create a wonderful masterpiece!

GENIUS - Bold & Brave

Ethiopian Sidamo, Sumatra Mandheling, Nicaraguan San Juan Del Rio Coco & Honduras San Marcos.

Complex, delicious and devastatingly alluring - Citrus acidity and fruity sweetness, married with hints of cedar and chocolate combine for a moment of sheer decadence.


THE Team

Andy Grelak

Role: Founder, Commercial Strategy and Business Planning
Commercial and Marketing. Strategy and Business Planning. 20 years experience.

Previously: Trade Marketing Manager for Kraft Foods UK and European Sales Manager for Kraft Foods Europe.

Now: Co-owner of Lyons brand.

Favourite Coffee: Espresso Macchiato

Paul Kemp

Role: Coffee and Foodservice
Commercial and Operations Specialist 25 years buying experience.

Previously: European Purchasing Manager with the Compass Group. Founder and former owner of N&B Chocolate.

Now: Coffee Consultant at Source4Consultancy.

Favourite Coffee: Flat White

Luke Thomas

Role: Collaborations, Partnerships and Culinary Innovation
Youth Market Trend Spotter. Strategy Sales and New Business.

Previously: 2009 Winner of Future Chef. UK’s youngest ever Head Chef.

Now: International Restaurateur, Author & TV Personality Chef.

Favourite Coffee: Espresso Doppio

Dan Einzig

Role: Brandmaster
Creative Strategy and Brand Direction.

Previously: CEO of Mystery Ltd, an award winning design consultancy creating F&B brands such as Giraffe and ZaZa Bazaar for the last 20 years. Founder of Dub Jam - Reggae Rum Shack.

Now: Leading the way for Mystery LA.

Favourite Coffee: Flat White

Alexandra Dunn

Role: Brand and Marketing Specialist
Award winning marketer with experience leading activity for some of the world's largest brands, and launching a range of innovative UK start-ups.

Previously: Marketing for global brands like Samsung, GSK and Tata Global Beverages, as well as launching innovative UK start-ups.

Now: Founder of Common brand and marketing agency.

Favourite Coffee: Espresso Doppio